31 March 2014

Happy GudiPadva and Ugadi

Namaste Friends!

Wishing you all a very happy Gudipadva, Ugadi and happy new year named Jay. Yes! That’s the glory of Indian culture every Samvatsar has a name. This year’s name is Jay.

Bharateeya Culture has supreme importance to Adhyatma and Adhyatmic growth so the New Year celebrations are also divine. Gudipadva begins with the Gudi. Then we start reading the New Year Hindu Calendar which we call as Panchangam in the morning.

01 March 2014

Conflicts of Frames

Relationships sometimes become a puzzle. Though conflicts are the part of all relationships, if not resolved when they begin they may become serious. Sometimes conflicts begin without any serious reason, but the problems in the relationships become serious. Are the relationships complicated? or the people? or the human mind?

19 February 2014

Fading Memories

A Senryu expressing complicated feelings and mind,

memories are fading; mind
is a big puzzle

The Mind is difficult to control and conquer. Sometimes we get attached to the emotions we want to forget and sometimes....the emotions behave completely unexpected and get detached. I think, we can't really realize the nature of mind which is like a puzzle.

16 January 2014

Restless Mind

If you are suffering from the stress and related health problems a Senryu for you :) 

to bring peace
to the restless mind
no debate

I am involved in debates related to political issues for a long time. Though the debates and discussions may yield in any constructive solution or a small change, they make the mind extremely disturbed. Not all debaters care about the decorum and the logical arguments. Also not all debaters debate for some constructive conclusion. So, all this affects the concentration and peace of mind adversely. 

I always take some break from debates and spend some time completely away from the political issues, especially when the stress becomes too much. The first and obvious effect of stopping debates is the peace of mind obviously reducing the stress. 

21 December 2013

Winter Haiku

The weather is just awesome in the winter and when everything is beautiful around who won't feel poetic!

Some Haiku dedicated to beautiful weather...:)
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